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Brushes for Sheet Metal Punching and Folding Cutting Machines

Brush for Sheet Metal Punching and Folding Cutting Machines

Protection Brushes for Sheet Metal Cutting, Bending and Punching Machines, the solution to avoid scratches and shrinkage.

The brush plates reduce waste with protection brushes and allow to control and predict problems before they occur, obtaining optimal waste levels for the company, thus achieving benefits in profitability and productivity.

Replacement of balls with protection brushes
A clear example of improvement are the protection brushes for sheet metal bending, panel bending and punching machines: The transporter balls are made up of a large precision ball that rolls on top of a large number of small diameter balls, all of them inside a hemispherical case of tempered steel.

These conveyor balls are widely used in all types of industries, in order to achieve movement in any direction of any genre, no matter how heavy it may be, with the least effort, but when it comes to handling delicate parts, they can create scratches or imperfections. .

cepillo protección mesa punzonadora y plegadora de chapa

The protective brushes help to work without friction or scratches.

Reduce discarded parts by 80%, prevent damage and scratches. High-quality, highly wear-resistant, flexible fibers protect products and materials while being handled.

The protection brush can be adapted to the weight and size of the material being handled, being able to choose the type and output of the fiber, thus giving a solution to every need.

Its advantages:
• Reduction of damages due to shavings and splinters.
• Noise level reduction
• Easy installation
• universal use

To protect work surfaces, assembly tables, transport trolleys, material support, tabletop and glass fixing, product guidance, floor sliding and movement, container separators, clip-on protection systems for 27.5mm diameter bars and a wide ect…

From standard plates and models to the manufacture of fully customized brushes, technical brushes always provide a solution to every need.

We also manufacture customized brush plates for the tables and arms of any cutting machine, bending machine or sheet metal punching machine. We provide consumables and protection brush solutions to the metal deformation machinery sector.

cepillo para evitar rozaduras y marcas en punzonadoras de chapa

placa con fibra para proteger artículos en manipulación cepillo proteger mesa de máquina punzonadora de chapa metálica placa con fibra plástica flexible para evitar rallar y rozar artículos en manipulación

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