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Circular Steel Industrial Brush


Industrial brushes with a metal base and fiber in steel, stainless steel, brass or abrasive nylon.

The applications of these circular industrial brushes are varied, removing corrosion, paint and primers to obtain clean surfaces. Remove seams and weld points, clean pipe joints and clean distribution boards. Smoothing, deburring cast iron and rubber-metal parts, matting and satin finishing of surfaces. Rust removal, rusticating or aging wood, pipe deburring, paint removal, weld cleaning, band saw cleaning, mold cleaning, formwork plate cleaning, brushes for key duplicators, stripping brushes that remove lacquer and other materials insulation in electrical cables and conduits.

Suitable for single-lever angle grinders, large angle grinders, pneumatic grinders and stationary machines.

Circular Steel Industrial Brushes

We also have models with great removal capacity to prepare metal surfaces before lacquering or to remove slag, rust, scale or concrete remains, such as the braided bowl models.

Also models with specific shapes to act in areas of difficult access, such as conical models.

Cleaning of cast parts, treatment of edges, curves and protrusions inside tubes, such as brushes with shaft or shank.

Brushes for professional use that are tools for all kinds of applications.

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