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Tapered Brushes

Industrial Conical Brushes

Cynic brushes are an excellent combination of round and cup brushes that we have developed especially for working edges and corners in hard to reach operating areas.

Tapered Brush

cepillos conicos acero kullen

Diameter 100mm
Stainless steel, steel and brass-plated steel 0.20 and 0.30mm
M14 coupler

cepillo conico mechones trenzados acero

Diameters 100 – 178mm
Stainless steel and steel 0.35, 0.50 and 0.80mm
M14 coupler

cepillos conicos alambre acero

1 and 2: Diameter 100mm coupling M10x1.5 and Diameters 115 and 125mm coupling M14x2
Inox and steel 0.35 and 0.50mm

3: Diameter 115mm coupling M14x2 Steel 0.50mm

4: Diameter 100mm coupling M14x2 Brass-plated steel 0.35mm
Diameter 115mm coupling M14x2 Brass-plated steel 0.50mm

5 and 6: Diameter 100mm coupling M14x2 Corrugated steel 0.35mm, Inox 0.30 and straight steel 0.30mm

7: Diameters 115 and 125mm coupling M14x2 Inox 0.30 and brass-plated steel 0.30mm

Also available with abrasive nylon with silicon carbide, contact us.

The special shape of these brushes allows the user to work in places that are difficult to access. The knots are twisted to the left to increase stability.

Circular threaded brushes ideal for working in hard-to-reach areas. Brushes are typically used on angle grinders.

Available Stainless steel brushes and twisted from left to right.
Left-right twisted tapered brushes tend to be more aggressive, so they are often used for heavy brushing operations.
In addition, the strands open less, so they are ideal for treating edges.

Ideal for high speed (11,000 r.p.m.) and low weight Mini-Grinders.
Suitable for continuous and frequent brushing (shipyards, metal structures, maintenance welding, etc.).
Easy handling and minimal human effort.
Suitable for angles and areas of difficult accessibility.

Lawn Mower Brushes

cepillos para cortadoras de cesped
The PBT conical braided brushes on lawn mowers are ideal for removing weeds on pavers, curbs, areas or other hard-to-reach spots. Those brushes clean larger areas like patios, decks or longer alleyways effortlessly and sustainably.
In addition, the brushes are environmentally friendly and remove weeds in a lasting and effective way.
In sensitive areas such as agriculture, synthetic filaments are a decisive criterion. Synthetic bristles are soft and therefore ideal for sensitive surfaces as they do not scratch.
The synthetic bristle brush is ideal for battery powered lawn mowers due to its lower weight and scores with longer life and even wear.

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