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Manual Brushes and Sweeper Brushes

Hand brushes and sweeper brushes are used everywhere, in the metal industry, construction work, in the workshop. They are found in every workshop and toolbox.

This range of industrial cleaning brushes contains all kinds of filler materials, from thick steel to the finest brass wire. Handles are usually made of wood.

They are supplied with different working widths (number of rows) and are ideal for cleaning, derusting, paint removal and deburring.

Sweeper Brushes and Manual Brushes

Applications and uses:

Cleaning of scales, in welded parts, foundry, forging and heavy work whose cleaning offers resistance.
Treatment of wood and stone surfaces.
Cleaning of all kinds of adhesions, paints and oxides in general.
For brushing stainless steel surfaces, the use of stainless steel wire is recommended.
For brushing non-sparking materials always use brass wire

They are robust brushes, suitable for intensive sweeping in workshops, industrial buildings, roads, boat decks, stables, public works, etc.

Also available are ergonomic spark plug cleaning brushes, jewelry brushes, brushes, battery cleaning brushes, baker brushes and plastic fiber brushes for scrubbing and violon brushes.

Depending on the application and model, the brushes can be with spikes / steel fiber, flat steel, stainless steel, brass, nylon / polyamide, including silk, PVC, and coconut fiber.

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