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Burnishing Brush

Industrial Burnishing Brush

Interior Cleaning Brush with Abrasive Balls

Ball abrasive brushes are elastic and flexible brushing tools. They achieve an ideal burnish. They adapt to the irregularities of the surface of the hole to be worked.

At the tips of the bristles they have unbreakable abrasive balls containing silicon carbide with grains 120, 180, 240 and 320 depending on the model.

This special construction allows the tool to deburr cross-holes and also improve adhesion of lubricants.

Available in diameters Ø from 4 to 76mm.

Muela flexible abrasiva de bolas con carburo de silicio

Ideal for cleaning and deburring air compressors, hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, brake cylinders, engines, boilers, connecting rods, crankshaft bearings… Also for lapping, deburring cylinder liners, hydraulic elements, aluminum injection parts, automotive, bar-cutting, etc.

It is used in rotation and at low r.p.m.

It can be attached to both manual drills and automatic machines.

They can be used dry although lubrication is recommended.

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