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Boiler Brush

Industrial Brush for Boilers

Systematic care and regular brushing increases the efficiency of boilers and reduces toxic emissions.

Our boiler brushes are of excellent quality: we use the best materials and production processes. We supply well-known boiler manufacturers and are prepared to produce large quantities.

Brush for Flat Steel Boilers

Brushes clean inside boiler tubes with flat steel. 27x27mm squares + thread and rectangular 35×85, 50×100 and 23x50mm + thread. Flexible cable 7 meters long + thread available.

cable alargador cepillo limpia interior con rosca cepillos limpiar interior tubos estufas y calderas

Hedgehog Brush for Pellet Stoves

Hedgehog with ring and thread 12x175H

Pellet stove kit – Cane
Flexible 3 meters + Hedgehog

Flexible rod 3 meters long Diameter 4.5mm + M12

Extension for Pellet Kit 3 meters long + M12

kit limpieza interior tubo estufa pellet

Hedgehog Brushes and Chimney Sweep Kits

chimney sweep; Hedgehogs, rods, kits and cleaning accessories for professional and private chimney sweeping.

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