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Quick Change Belt Brushes

Quick Change Belt Brushes

Industrial Quick Change Belt Brushes

The most flexible variant of brush belts is the quick-change belt. This multifunctional system transports fragile and heavy products, horizontally, vertically and at certain angles.

The industrial quick change belt brush is a system built with loose links. Because of this, almost any length and width can be produced.

With this system, various products can be transported without damage and noise and efficiently. It is an ingenious transportation system, simple but above all effective.


Single links of the Quick chain system are available in standard widths from 100 to 2000 mm. By means of these links any brush strip can be assembled in almost any desired length and width.

This quick change system is distinguished by its ease of assembly and disassembly.

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By sliding the loose links together and locking them with a pin, a strong and flexible brush belt is created. A worn or damaged part can be easily replaced with a new one. With just a screwdriver, you can get the pin out of the links and then simply replace the worn part.

Polyoxymethylene (POm) is the standard core material used for fast chain.

The quick change chain is made of loose links that can be easily packed and transported efficiently.

• worn brush parts can be replaced quickly and easily
• usable for horizontal and vertical transport and angle transport
• suitable for transporting various types of products and goods
• almost any desired length and width available
• thanks to the loose parts, a lot of space is saved and space is saved

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