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Industrial Protection Brushes

Protection brushes to work without friction or scratches.

They reduce discarded parts by 80%, prevent damages and scratches.

Our high-quality, highly wear-resistant, flexible fibers protect your products and materials while handling, transporting, supporting, fixing, guiding, sliding and moving.

Avoid damage from chips or splinters and reduce noise.

Protection Brushes for Industrial Applications

We have standardized solutions to protect your work tables, protect support points and partial protections.

We can also make the brush to measure. In one piece, the maximum dimensions are 2000 x 500mm.

All kinds of Protection Brushes for Sheet Metal Cutting, Folding and Punching Machines, to avoid scratches and abrasions on the sheets, especially when they are delicate, we can supply brushes that replace the traditional transporter / air balls.</ strong>

Solid planer plates made to measure for the tables and arms of any sheet metal cutting, folding or punching machine. We provide consumables and protection brush solutions to the metal deformation machinery sector.

Wide range of Floor Protection, Storage and Transport Brushes; brush strips to protect the floor (in reels), floor and wall separators for transport and storage trolleys, prevent them from rubbing against each other and thus avoid scratches and abrasions.

cepillos de protección transporte y almacenaje - Protection Brushes

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