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Custom Strip Brushes

Custom industrial strip brush, flexible, adaptable and durable, strip brushes provide innovative solutions for a wide range of applications and industries.

A linear brush strip for industrial applications; strip brush for high temperatures, steel strip brush for scratching and dragging, stainless steel strip for working submerged in water or liquids, from garages to hangars, protects your working environment and your energy costs, sealing gaps around doors and equipment. Also suitable for the food industry, with material certificated FDA/UE.

Custom Strip Brush

We can provide custom brush strip and sealing solutions for industrial applications, for sealing gaps around doors and equipment, seal irregular surfaces without impairing moving parts to create an effective seal against uncontrolled airflow, dirt, dust, noise, pests and cold smoke. From garages to hangars, our strip brush protects your working environment and your energy costs.. If you prefer, see the standard range.

Choose the thickness and fiber of the strip brush with an H, F or Y shaped profile for fixing. If you need a hand, ask our team with more than 15 years of experience.

Fiber: synthetic (nylon, polyamide, polypropylene), metallic (steel, stainless steel) or natural (horsehair, tampico).
Total height of the brush: from 10 mm to 300 mm.
Metal backing material: galvanized steel or stainless steel.
Maximum piece length: 3000 mm.

The profiles are made of extruded aluminum or with a natural anodized finish (anti-rust treatment). Also steel ans stainless steel profiles models. Available in stock.

Range of strip brush

cepillo strip normal a medida


All dimensions in millimeters


Choose strip type, steel or stainless steel backing material, trim height fiber or total height of the brush  and fiber type.

Indicate number of meters to quote.

Custom strip brushes

cepillo strip burlete a medida

Choose strip type, steel or stainless steel backing material, trim height fiber or total height of the brush  and fiber type.

Indicate number of meters to quote.

A strip brush for each application:

  • Special strip brush to resist high temperature; We produce with high quality polyamides or with special fibers resistant to high temperatures of 100/120ºC and up to 200ºC.
  • Strip brushes suitable for the food industry; We produce your brush with materials suitable for installation in any food industry and we provide the certificates to pass any inspection.
  • Strip brush with steel fibers for scratching and dragging; We produce the brushes with steel or stainless steel metal fibers for cleaning molds and ovens, also for scratching and scratching surfaces.
  • Strip brush with colored fibers; under minimum quantities per model you can choose the color of the fibers. They are usually white or black, blue is usually used for food applications but other colors are available on request.
  • Strip brush with soft fibers for liquid application; we can use synthetic fibers with very fine polyamides or polypropylenes to apply or impregnate liquids, oils or other products on different surfaces, we also use natural fibers such as horsehair to imitate the effect of a brush.
  • Stainless steel strip brush to work submerged in water; If the brush must work submerged or semi-submerged in liquids or it is going to be installed in very humid environments, we can manufacture it completely in stainless steel and avoid any type of rust.
  • Brushes for the railway sector, with fire protection regulations in passenger transport according to EN 45545-2 or the most difficult conditions of use in the cargo area. Sealing / cleaning brushes on extensible platforms at the entrance of wagons, also sealing in cabin control elements or in other mobile interior elements. The sealing of lifting spindles in car transport wagons, the guiding and sealing of sensitive bulk goods or the sealing of closed wagons to prevent snow ingress in winter are proven applications in the loading area. Fiber and body materials according to EN45545-2, Article-related certificates according to DIN EN 45545-2.

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