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Industrial Cylindrical Brushes

Technical Industrial Cylindrical Brush Rollers for multiple applications; for fruit and vegetable machines, rollers for the bakery and pastry industry, spare parts for boot cleaning brushes in the food industry, all types of industrial cylindrical brushes for machinery.

Standard plastic bodies of different qualities to adapt to the application and working conditions of the brush. Quality Certificates. Suitable for the food industry. Maximum quality in Industrial Cylindrical Brush.

Brushes with synthetic fibers of nylon or polyamide and polypropylene, natural horsehair, metallic steel and abrasive with silicon carbide.

To quote we need you to provide us with as much data as possible; Measurements – Type of fiber and its arrangement – Application – Working conditions – Number of units.

Cylindrical Brushes Suitable for the Food Industry

Extensive experience in cylindrical brushes for the food industry assembled to measure to cover any need.

Polyamide bodies and other materials suitable for the FDA/EU food industry for food contact.

For cleaning and hygiene in the food industry, tanks, containers, work tables, surfaces where food is handled, machinery and machinery parts…

They are disinfectable since we can use materials resistant to temperatures of up to 100/120ºC and materials that support chemical products such as disinfectants, etc.

We adapt the brush to the strict safety requirements of food companies for the detection of foreign bodies in the product.

The detectable polyester fiber is sensitive to control and prevention instruments applied in production lines such as magnets and metal detectors.

Industrial cylindrical brush

Industrial cleaning cylindrical brushes are used to wash, sweep and clean all types of surfaces. The most appropriate bristles or fibers for industrial machines are nylon or polyamide, as they resist wear and tear and recover their shape. As manufacturers of cylindrical brushes, we can advise you on industrial roller brushes and custom-made cylindrical brushes, we manufacture according to plans and we have material certificates.

Modular cylindrical brush

The modular cylindrical brush allows the desired total length to be formed by means of several modules that are joined together.

This allows partial replacement if the brush becomes more worn at any point.

It also makes it easy to transport and store spare parts.

They are usually cheaper as they are manufactured more quickly. Although we have several qualities depending on the application and working conditions.

Applications of the industrial cylindrical brush

  • Remove dust from surfaces, remains after cutting, sanding, machining of different materials, after die-cutting on paper and cardboard
  • New window washer brushes or replacement of fibers to take advantage of the bodies
  • Washing and cleaning of fruits and vegetables, horticultural in all processes also waxed with natural horsehair fiber as well as its transport. Citrus planers.
  • Cleaning boots and soles in the meat industry, brushes for cleaning machines.
  • Cleaning of bakery trays, including brushes with corrugated fiber trim for a better finish on the trays.
  • Brushes for sausage cleaning machines such as cheese cleaning, removing mold and ham cleaning, removing brine
  • Rollers for cleaning solar panels with specific fibers proven not to damage the panels.
  • Cylindrical brush collector of vegetables from the field, help harvesters to collect carrots, beets, potatoes separating stones.
  • Brushes for cleaning conveyor belts, installed on the return of the conveyor belt, carry out cleaning.

In the plastic bodies we can insert various fibers or bristles, natural fibers such as horsehair or tampico. Synthetic fibers such as polyamide, polypropylene, polyester, even abrasive nylon to remove dirt and not damage surfaces. Also metallic fibers such as steel, brass and stainless steel.

Also extensive experience in cylindrical brushes for wood surface treatment and finishing machines, wood aging with metallic and abrasive fiber.

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