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Ostrich Feather Brush – Antistatic

The anti-static ostrich feather brush removes dust and electrostatic charge at the same time.

cepillo cilíndrico plumas avestruz

In the industrial sector there are rollers, rotating cylindrical brushes where the ostrich feather, due to its great electrostatic charge, attracts dust from the surfaces. The ionized powder adheres to the brush, leaving the surfaces free of any specks of dust.

cepillo plumas de avestruz atrae polvo y elimina electricidad estática

Achieving this finish is very important in the automotive sector so that the bodies are impeccable before the painting process, but it can be extended to any delicate surface, preparing surfaces for subsequent treatments, etc.

acabado de superficie de carrocerías de automóvil limpieza con cepillo antiestático antes de proceso de pintado

It is a soft and robust brush at the same time since the feathers are soft in contact with the surfaces to be cleaned but at the same time they are robust at their end embedded in a wooden base that makes it possible to form the brushes.

cepillo antiestático pluma de avestruz

By pressure or by means of a key to the 8.5x10mm axis, several modules can be mounted on an axis with a certain separation between modules and form the desired brush.

The measures in which we can manufacture this brush are the following:

Total diameter between 300 (+20 mm tolerance) and 1000mm
Wooden body diameter 100mm x 50mm long
Inner diameter of the standard model is 52mm

cepillo cilíndrico antiestático

For its better conservation and longer useful life, it is recommended to accompany the cleaning process with vacuum systems. This prevents a lot of dust from collecting on the feathers. If, in addition, at some point the feathers come across a stick, the dust will come off the feathers and the cleaning will be more effective for a longer time.

In no case should they be washed wet.

The ostrich feather antistatic brush is used throughout the automotive industry, a durable and effective brush.

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