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Special Manual Brushes

Special Manual Brushes

Special Industrial Manual Brushes

Spid type manual brushes with wire spikes and plastic handle. It is a universal, practical, manageable and resistant brush for industrial use for cleaning paint and rust, especially in narrow and difficult-to-reach places.

Available with steel, stainless steel, brass-plated steel or brass tines, diameter 0.30/0.35mm

Overall length 260mm
Useful length 135mm
width 10mm
35mm pick output
In packs of 24 units

For precision work in holes and slots.

Applications and uses:
Cleaning of all types of adhesions, paints and oxides.
To access narrow and difficult to reach places we recommend the use of the SPID model.
For brushing stainless steel surfaces, the use of stainless steel wire is recommended.
For brushing non-sparking materials, always use brass wire.

Manual brushes make work easier in manual cleaning applications thanks to their ergonomic handles and high-quality wire filling. Cleaning can be done quickly.

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