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Toothed Belt Brushes

Toothed Belt Brushes

Industrial Toothed Belt Brushes

Industrial toothed belt brushes are made of polyurethane (Pu).

These belts are driven by toothed belt drives.

This type of brush tape is mainly used when it is necessary to place or transfer products. Where the feeding and positioning of parts have to be exact and the diameter of the deflection pulley is small.

The great advantage of the toothed belt is synchronization. The belt passes over toothed “pulleys” that do not cause slippage and guarantee correct timing. Therefore, the rotation speed can be fine-tuned up to 6m/s.

The brush density is limited, because the top of the belt provides limited space for the brush fibers. This means that the density is always relatively open.


• The rotation speed can be adjusted precisely
• Guarantee of a correct synchronization
• No slip
• Mounting pulleys can be supplied
• Area of ​​application: -15 °C to +80 °C

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Toothed chain BRG05, 10 and 20



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