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Sheet Metal Rolling Brushes

Industrial Brushes for Sheet Metal Rolling

Industrial brushes for sheet steel rolling and sheet processing are found in Rolling Plants and treatment of steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper and alloy coils when it is necessary to clean the surface, pickling or Surface Treatment , the brushing groups that have Technical / Special Cylindrical Brushes suitable for said function are essential.


These brushes can be mounted on tubes, to later be mounted on the brush shaft, or directly mounted on the shaft.

Application Type of filament
Washing Nylon 6.6 / PPL

Abrasive Nylon

2000-600 grits

Aluminum oxide or silicon carbide


Abrasive Nylon

500-240 grits

Aluminum oxide or silicon carbide


Abrasive Nylon

180-80 grits

Silicon Carbide

Heavy roughness

(Shallow Scale Break)

Abrasive Nylon

Grits 60-36

Silicon Carbide

We have laminate brushes with the following characteristics that make them unique

perfectly shaped cylinder
Perfect finish of the roller surface
Very high density of filaments
High quality support materials and filaments used
Fine dynamic balanced with attached certificate
Cost optimization for the customer when recovering the cores of the brushes

Examples of applications in the rolling industry

The cleaning of conveyor belts that are used especially for the lamination industry
Removal of dirt before treatment
The removal of abrasives from shot blasting after treatment and many more. If you need help solving your problem, please contact our sales team.


Squeegee Rollers

Created to provide optimum draining quality and exceptional durability


High-resistance fabric for lining your greasing rollers and wringers.
Thanks to its special characteristics, it is suitable for various applications in the steel industry, the textile sector and the paper industry.
This fabric was tested under extreme conditions in Sendzimir laminators (belt speed 700m/min.).
Our KIBROS brand rollers are used in multiple applications such as:

Draining roller – Conveyor roller – Deflector roller – Tension roller – Pressure roller – Greasing roller – Pressure roller

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