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Interior Cleaning Brush

Internal Spiral Tube Cleaning Brushes Brushes to clean and remove burrs from internal holes of small or difficult-to-access parts. With a wire body that when twisted spirally holds the filament in the form of a helix.

Brushes clean tubes, clean inside holes and small parts. Wire bodied brushes. To remove burrs from inside holes. Clean bottles, boilers, chimney sweep. Wire brushes for cleaning tubes. Clean threaded holes. Clean metal rubber parts. Brush pieces after turning. Honing of holes. Eliminate rust, residues and adhesions in interior areas. Cleaning exchanger tubes, boiler tubes, stoves, wood and pellet ovens, refrigeration and condenser tubes.

Interior cleaning brush for industrial applications

You can choose the filaments in different materials; steel, brass-plated, stainless steel, brass, abrasive fiber (silicon carbide) and synthetic fibers such as nylon, polyamide or polypropylene and natural.

The core of the brushes is usually galvanized steel wire with a simple spiral. There are also models with double spiral and they can be manufactured with a stainless steel core.

They can be rigid or flexible. They facilitate access and cleaning of all types of tubes.

Standard models and custom manufacturing.

Its use can be manual as well as coupled to portable or fixed machines. They can have a coupling thread.

These brushes are perfect for removing debris inside tubes and holes, washer holes, bottles, radiators, or laboratory supplies. They remove salts, oxides, residues, adhesions, clean threaded holes, boilers and radiators, machined parts, molds, and other applications.

With them, you can not only master the cleaning of tubes, grids, sleeves and cylinders – you can even regulate the speed of the flow in pipe systems.

We have specific models for cleaning the ends of boiler tubes, water… before welding them. Cleaning of sleeves and internal threads after galvanizing. Cleaning stove pipes…

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