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Strip Brush Monobloc Galvanized Steel

Advantages of the Galvanized Steel Monobloc Strip Brush:

The main difference in this Galvanized Steel Monobloc Strip Brush model is that the brush and the profile are made in one piece with the same galvanized steel sheet.

This model is used when it is sought that there is NO type of movement between the profile and the brush, especially as a component for machinery, also when there are high temperatures as well as when more robustness is required.

The brush is subjected to a profile that allows to create the fixing wing integrated in the brush.

Strip Monobloc Galvanized Steel Brush Models

medidas cepillos strip monobloc estandar

We have a standard range:
Lengths of 1 and 2 meters.
Fiber: anti UV treated black polypropylene.
Fiber height: from 20 mm to 150 mm.
Structure: galvanized steel
Profile shape: “h”
Profile height: 15, 25 and 40 mm.
Profile width: 6 and 10 mm.

Also made to measure with fibers such as polyamide (nylon), horsehair (animal fiber) and tampico (natural fiber), steel and stainless steel spikes as well as stainless steel profiles.

The applications are the usual ones for sealing brushes; cover slots, components of industrial machinery to seal or clean surfaces, under industrial door, seal in the railway industry, insulate doors, protect from dust, drafts, light, heat and noise. They are also used to transport, guide and brake delicate objects and packaging.

Custom models Strip Monobloc Brush

medidas cepillos strip monobloc a medida

Fiber: synthetic (nylon / polyamide, polypropylene) or animal (horse)
Fiber output: from 15 mm to 200 mm.
Structure: galvanized steel or stainless steel (to be specified).
Profile shape: h.
Profile height: 15, 25 and 40 mm.
Profile width: 6 and 10 mm.
Maximum profile length: 3000 mm.

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