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Spark Plug Brushes

Spark Plug Brushes and Jeweler Brush

Industrial Brushes for Spark Plugs

Spark Plug Brushes are small brushes for all fine brushing jobs that require a fine wire.
They are available in different sizes and fill materials, some models with plastic bodies, other models with wooden bodies.

They are ideal for processing solder tips and cleaning circuit boards after the soldering process, as well as many other fine jobs. They clean electrical contacts, especially on spark plugs.

Total length 100, 150 and 200mm
Useful length 15 and 24mm
Width 15 and 24mm
Fiber output 15 and 18mm
In packs of 12 units

Available with the following fibers; steel, stainless steel, brass, bronze, polyamide, polypropylene, horse hair.Also called watchmaker’s and goldsmith’s brushes.

The brushes have a very high density of filler yarns and are available in different widths.
These brushes are used, among other things, to apply solvents and other cleaning agents.

The ergonomic spark plug cleaner has a better grip and easy handling, it incorporates a tuft on the upper part for areas that are difficult to access.
The spark plug cleaner is for cleaning spark plugs, suede shoes, jewelry, electronics, DIY, etc.
The jeweler’s brush is for cleaning jewelry stores, electronics, suede shoes and suede leather garments.

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