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Useful and versatile strip brush in industrial applications

Choose between bodies in polypropylene, polyamide, wood or other options and the fiber that best suits your application.
Option of strip brush with steel or stainless steel metal guide for a faster change.
We offer a standard range to facilitate your choice or we manufacture it completely to measure.
European Quality – Maximum guarantee – Material Certificates – Suitable for the food industry.

Industrial Strip Brush applications

Industrial brush for guiding, they help the movement of vertical, inclined or horizontal transport on conveyor belts, packaging, etc. Linear guidance for sensitive parts is solved with strip brushes made of highly wear-resistant fibers with corresponding hardness and fiber inclination. Guiding and braking of cardboard boxes…

They protect, cushion bilaterally, protect from external edges. They protect against scratches and chafing when handling products such as aluminum profiles during assembly.

They transport products on packaging lines and belts. – They press flexibly on product surfaces for fixing, stacking cartons, sticking labels… – Cleaning of surfaces, conveyor belts, moulds, filters… – To slide and apply liquids on surfaces. – To polish. – To seal and prevent dirt, avoid chip projection, close suction systems, cover slots… – Reduce noise by cushioning the fall of products.

Choose standard models or custom manufacturing. Contact us for a technician to advise you.

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